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    Ensure your safety!

    About WakeMeUp

    Wearable and breakthrough technology combined with an application helps you to stay awake in such extreme situations. WakeMeUp is simply reminds you to stop sleeping and wake up before an accident! If eyelid is closed more than 2 seconds, the device detects your eyelid position and sends a notification to application in your phone to start alarm. So you will be stay awake during your important job!

    Why WakeMeUp

    Did you know that 60% of adult drivers have driven vehicles while feeling drowsy which causes more than 100.000 car accidents each year? Moreover, dozens of train accidents, supertanker accidents, home fires and others happend due to sleep deprivation too! Our device has sensor that detects your eyelid position, if it is closed, then suddenly it sends signals to alarm you to wake up! WakeMeUp works on glasses and do not needs special habits in order to use it! WakeMeUp works perfectly for everybody, no matter with weak or healthy eyes!

  • WakeMeUp App

    For individuals - WakeMeUp application is a user friendly platform that can track your current situation of alertness and start alarm, as well as send message to the close person in case of emergency.
    For logistic and transport companies – head office can track all statistics of their drivers and be aware of any sleep situation. If there are sleep moments more than 2 times, it automatically sends message to head office. Moreover, every driver is able to see other driver’s alertness situation and call him to offer help!
    Unique platform for data traction, analytical statistics and network with each other!

  • Team Members

    Shahin Khalilov
    Alim Babazade
    Natavan Aligizi
    Taleh Gurbanzade
    software developer
    Idrak Esedbeyli
    hardware engineer
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