Ensure your safety!

About WakeMeUp

Wearable and breakthrough technology combined with an application helps you to stay awake in such extreme situations. WakeMeUp is simply reminds you to stop sleeping and wake up before an accident! WakeMeUp simply warns you with a sound and gentle vibration by tracking your alertness, location, and speed. If the eyelid is closed for more than two seconds, the sensor immediately detects it and starts processing device that operates with a specific algorithm. So you will be stay awake during your important job!

Why WakeMeUp

Behind the wheel, in military, in security - “attention” is the main key factor that keeps us safe. Did you know that 60% of adult drivers have driven vehicles while feeling drowsy which caused more than 300.000 car accidents last year? Moreover, dozens of train accidents, supertanker accidents, and others happened due to sleep deprivation too! Being long, fast and manageable makes a product the most promising tool of drivers and managers. All drivers can ensure their safety during long night rides with WakeMeUp.

  • WakeMeUp App

    For individuals - WakeMeUp application is a user friendly platform that can track your current situation of alertness and start alarm, as well as send message to the close person in case of emergency.

    For logistic and transport companies – head office can manage all statistics of their drivers and be aware of any sleep situation by tracking speed, location, alertness of driver. If there are sleep moments more than 2 times, it automatically sends message to head office. Moreover, every driver is able to see and chat other drivers in case of traffic jam to let him avoid it, because the delay of delivery is very costly for truck companies! App is a unique platform for data traction, analytical statistics and network with each other!

  • Team Members

  • Shahin Khalilov
    Alim   Babazade
    Natavan Aligizi
    Taleh Gurbanzade
    software developer
    Idrak Esedbeyli
    hardware engineer
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